[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

The extension doesn’t have any type of limitation anywhere in it. Maybe you created a lot of components and the app couldn’t handle it?

Yes, you must remove the all child elements, otherwise their ID will not be deleted by only deleting the parent.

Is dynamic component working properly with Kodular fenix ?

Yes working properly no problem after update

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Thanks @Anu

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How To Data Refresh /Reload dynamic component help me

Hello Yusuf.
Thank you very much for your reply. I saw too late, that the fact of deleting a scheme widget makes it necessary to delete the parent widget and also every child widget to do it the right way.
Unfortunately I didn’t get any further with the issue of app crashing at the number of 18 dynamic scheme components.
Any ideas for clarifications are welcome, I will stay tuned…


Nice extension
how do i create component with transparent effect in dynamic components

Such as ? What component do you want to create ?

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Use this extn


Am currently facing an issue with any Card View clicked event. I used notifier to test it, i discovered that the first item clicked will display 1 on second item clicked it still display1 but if i click the second item again it changes to 2. This has been giving me issues, i really need help.

Better you create new topic and add your error screenshot, dynamic compound creation procedure and all.

I don’t think there is a need to create new topic since this is the official topic for dynamic component extension, and i think all question should be answered here.

Then post your blocks here, dynamic components creation procedure and when any cardview click

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What does your title contain? I think your info is not enough


My title contains “something @” . Then i split text at @ to make it a list.

Hi I want to click dynamic image(made with dynamic components extension) and open url. How can I do this. please help

How To Fix Data loading lag

Try creating less components. Everything is handled on the UI thread, and it can only take so much.

Hey Any tell me please How to create schema of dynamic layout?