[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Maybe this can help you.


Thank you for this awesome extension. Keep it up!!

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Hello I Have a Doubt.
Suppose I Created a Normal Cardview with A Button and A label.
Then I Put the Card view for Dynamic Component
will it Create a Dynamic Component of the Button and Label Also ?
Please Help

No you have to create for all 3

make a procedure of generate Cardview + Button + Label, then call the procedure when needed.


, Thanks For The Help

Hello all,

I have created webviews using dynamic components.

However I am trying to apply when screen back-pressed event on these webviews but it is not working

This is what I have tried

It does not work even when I try it for individual ids

Hi can anyone please provide a tutorial on how to use the dynamic extension?
(In english) everything on youtube is in hindi…
I’m a newbie with very limited experience so any help would be appreciated a lot!

Hello Koders,
Please let me know how to enable html format in dynamic label.
Thanks in Advance.


Thanks @dora_paz :heart_eyes:

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hello yusufcihan

I want an option to add a list block. your extension is great but when I load a huge amount of data then my app was stopped. so can you please add this option. like recyclerview.


How to do this

“UI” stands for asynchronous, and “Main” stands for synchronous.



Is it possible to add two dynamic component in your project? and how do we detect which component property was clicked.

I tried it out, only dynamic component 1 was triggered on cardview click but dynamic component 2 is not getting executed. How do I get this done?

Thanks in advance.

Lottie file animation not move speed not come any ways to move it

Yes, It Is Possible.
Not Only Two, You Can Add Any Number Of Dynamic Components - Extension.

Check This Example -
DC.aia (35.3 KB)

On Screen Initialize I Called 2 Procedures - DC1 And DC2


DC1 Makes 1 Button (ID = DC1 Button) In Vertical Scroll Arrangement With Dynamic Components 1

DC2 Makes 1 More Button (ID = DC2 Button) In Vertical Scroll Arrangement, But With Dynamic Components 2

Then To Handle The Click Event Of Both The Buttons -

In Extension There Is A Method Block,

By Which We Can Check If The Given Component Is Dynamic Or Not
+ Also We Can Use The Same Block To Differentiate Between 2 Or Any Number Of Dynamically Created Components, Which One Is Made Using Which Dynamic Components Extension.

How -
We Can Use A If - Then Control Statement.

*Took A Label On Screen To Print The ID Of Button Clicked, You Can Check The .aia


Thank you so much, I really appreciate effort for even providing AIA.

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How to create dynamic horizontal scroll arrangment with this

How do I get the values from a text box? I did a search using a filter and couldn’t find any answers on this!