[F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2

Thanks for the hint.

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this is usually used for Dynamic Components taken from the bottom any component described by @dora_paz
Thanks for @dora_paz

How can we create our own json schema for dynamic component ?

Contains both ways(guides) of creating schema, i.e. with GUI or with manual method

Also to understast better have a look at

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I want to add native ads after 10 lists,
how to add?

So, i am having a problem with this extension! When i try to remove a component it removes the ID from the list UsedIDs but i can still see the component on the screen it doesn’t leave. Any help will be much appreciated!

Could you please post a screenshot of your blocks ?

A simple example shown below

with this extension you can create for example:
a Card View …
a Horizontal Arrangement within the Card View …
inside the Horizontal Arrangment two Labels
under the Horizontal Arrangment an image
under the image a Horizontal Arrangment
inside the Horizontal Arrangment two button?
everything must be within the Card View …
Is it possible to do this?

Yes it is possible

could you give me a simple example?
can I do everything from the extension or do I first have to create everything on Screen1? I did not understand this well

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this is great … i dont know how to thank you … this is not the first time you help me and that you are so helpful. Now I think I understand how you can work with this extension. Thank you so much

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If you use :mag: you will find many examples in the community

one thing, I recreated the example you suggested above, the image does not create it … could you tell me why?

It is there but you have to set property for it. Code was a simple example, you have to adjust it according to your needs For example to add an image


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sorry guys, where do i find these blocks?

At any component, in order to see them you must have added at least one cardview in designer view even hidden

ah, ok … I was missing that, so to find some features of the components I still have to add the component in the designer. Perfect, thanks again

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