[F/OS] my Sharex extension V:3.0

Nice extension. Now we don’t have to use intent to send files to other apps. :relieved:

To get the package name of these apps you can search on Play Store:

That is the package name. You can also download an app from the Google Play which display the Package name of all apps.

Or this:


Super :+1::+1::+1::+1:

new V:2 came

any idea or any update needed for v3

Nice Extension :+1:

You might want to follow the naming conventions:

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this time too naming conventions :face_with_head_bandage: all is well right what is wrong

The parameter names should be lowerCamelCase, example: message instead of Message :smile:

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will do it soon

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Google+ has been shut down back in April of 2019. So, the Google+ block is useless.

I posted the same thing :joy:

now version 3 came

email is possible

are you sure you want to make it, I suggest you to look at other people’s extensions too.
look at this, the extension to send multiple files you have to pay.
is it not illegal, making extensions that hurt others?
and your extension name is different, it works differently, is that not strange? :rofl:
I see your third version is very confusing for users and too many strange blocks. :confused:

I make extensions for fun , open-source to others learn,my blocks will be explained soon


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Okay :thinking: :+1:

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well i won’t

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:heart_eyes: :star_struck: