[F/OS] my toast extension-V 3.0

show your blocks i can’t see that error

i think all letters are well can you say what is wrong

The format of the below marked text is wrong I think

Also see this :point_down:

Image source :- Naming conventions for extension developers

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done that check

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now with rgb to hex the new version

it is working may be try the the new version with rgb to hex
like this
blocks (2)

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I have done something wrong, now have fixed this and Your extension is working fine.

Btw Nice extension :+1:t2:

can someone help how can i make image toast

it is not open source

PM him :grin:

well he not online for many days

I think you don’t need to add that function @electrobot_appy :relaxed:


Correct this the package name should NOT contain UPPER CASE letters :sweat_smile:

any ways great extension :partying_face:

This is just a recommended naming convention. It allows uppercase letters, it’s just not recommended for it can conflict with other classes. Thanks for reminding me also.


Recommendation :

As mention, it is not recommended to use uppercase in letters.


:grin: :kissing_heart:

no, because the extension name should be following the UpperCamelCase convention, in this case SimpleToast, the other part of the package name could be as you like, becasue this will not be visible in App Inventor or Kodular

see again Naming conventions for extension developers



done that sorry for delay