[F/OS] my toast extension-V 3.0

thanks to all @Mohamed_Tamer, @sumit1334, @Unknown_Designer, @Salman_Dev , @Srrazmi,@aryangupta,@Zia_Choudhary , @golumaths100, @que, @techVsurya


i am trying on that but that is not possible with the toast view,i may add a layout to fade in,fade out this is a small boy but i will do any how

@electrobot_appy, Really a nice attempt to start extension development. Very good.

Keep koding…
All the best.

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How could I miss this cool extension! Btw, I believe you can make it so that it accept component too.

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Stay Blessed .
Keep :kodular:eep :kodular:oding, :kodular:eep :kodular:ontributing

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working on that

great :heart:

version two is there

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I will try version 2 :heart_eyes:

@electrobot_appy Your extension icon is very large, please reduce the size to 16 x 16.
Thank you

and have you tested your rounded toast?

yes but wont look nice i will do update to it

I think you just need to add this line to the code that when (rounded = true)

Now it’s OP :fire::blue_heart:

nope,all is well the logic is if it is true just use background spannable,which won’t affect the toast,it put effect on text so it remains rounded,if false use the toast background property

if i added it will make toast rectangle

okay, I understand :thinking:

done thanks to notice it

I am using #FFFFFF for white color in bg_hexcolour but it always giving “runtime error unknown colour” error.

show your blocks i can’t see that error