[F/OS] Recycler List View - Render larger data sets efficiently using `RecyclerView` for AppInventor & Distros

I store data in 4 coloum Reg ID Name Phone Email
I also added Adress coloum .but adress coloum is not showning

Did you modiffied your blocks in order to show 5th column ? Did you add an extra label for example to get data ?

when I modified the block it’s solved. thanks @dora_paz

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In the Project AIA , When I Search 20th item, it shows the 20th item but when I click this item, it shows position 1. why does not show position 20
RecyclerList_3.aia (124.2 KB)

The above design is outdated. Evening I will update with modified version with less blocks

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See now, blocks are almost reduced into simple one… especially creating labels and setting text on each label was did with just single procedure.

Based on this design labels will auto generate according to the col size…

RecyclerList1(1).aia (309.5 KB)


  1. I have used a new of way creating labels based on gsheet col count. You no need to mention how many to create by number.

  2. Also setting in text also simplified too much with this extension like this

just test it, and feel the difference

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Thanks a lot @Still-learning

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For each item in list is not Efficient for create component in container it may hang the recycler view in abb
When i used atom recycler view (made up of java) , I faced a problem of VS hanging and scroll error
So not to face the error at first sight , do create anosyrcly

You don’t need it if you set RecyclerList.Data instead of RecyclerList.count. I simply set Data to get the whole table

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Please share the new version of the extension


Can I design it as I like? And I want to take sisix row from a gsheet.


You can take as much as, you need only customisation

Can someone confirm whether we can use Label with this extension? I have tried, checkbox, textbox, button all are working fine but label is not working.

So you didn’t test the AIA it seems. It is working pakka.in all sort of components

Well , I am testing AIA only… the very first one.
and I changed names in create component to button, textbox, etc … all worked well
But Label is not working…

Try this one, modified original created by @zainulhassan

RecyclerListView_Label.aia (82.8 KB)

Oh yeah, It’s working.
Can you tell me why we have to put label inside an arrangement? while for others, it’s not required?

No need to, just labels in above aia simply remove creation of cardview and just create label in root

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After reading the whole discussion :sweat_smile: carefully
I came up with a doubt

On Creating a component
In = we have to put root
name = Component name
Tag = Any Tag
Properties = set properties

Does it will show an unique id error ??

In “name” we have to put component name like “Label” why not component block just like DY Component Extension

And what if we have to use multiple label ??

And last doubt

Do we have to require to drag and drop a Cardview in order to create a component with a Cardview.
Or we just require to enter the name of the component and no need to drag component in screen ?

No it won’t

See an example , a cardview is created that has 1 HA. Inside HA there are 2 VA, first VA has a number second has 4 Labels. I set all components properties on bind view and there I set unigue id only to the components I might use later in an event for example when any cardview click in order to get position

No but you have to drag and drop it in mockup phone in order to use any component event for examply any button click