FAB Positioning

How can set a FAB to the bottom-middle position of every phone ?

Try that:

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why -28? and not just screen.width/2?

Because FAB size is 28dp.

Normal fab size is 56dp.
That’s why -28. Else you have not the middle.


Thanks. It works

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Thanks! for that Solution But

How we can set it in center of a video player with this postion in screen of devices :question:

Not possible.
For that you need many calculations like statusbar and player height and else.

Okay! I will give it a try and then tell u

it’s not going to center

That’s why I said (not possible). To much calculations for that what you want

No bro, i am talking about the solution you gave for this topic (make it in center from. Right margin.).

It is working for me perfect without problem

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And logically, it should. @Techy_Rakshak are you using a normal sized FAB?

I m using Auto: 3 Sizing

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