Face Recognition(Verification) Extension [PAID]

This extension allows you to add Face Recognition in your app.
This extension can enroll anyone face,verify it or just identify whose face is it.
you have three options for face-

  1. Photo Face Verification
  2. Video Face Verfication
  3. Video Verfication(Voice and Face Both in Same Video)

The extension is fully function based,It is on you to design the UI :smile:
This extension is easy to use so I don’t think it need any long explanation but yes,The extension buyers will get a AIA that how to use it.

Thanks to @chaimk for Sponsoring this extension!



This extension is based on voiceit.io API.


PayPal - 17.5 USD
PayTM - 1000 INR


You are doing really great contribution to Ai Community, keep this spirit up and Hope You will make more such Useful extension.

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You’re really from the best :kodular:oders here you are making Kodular a better builder thank you for your hard work and your amazing extensions ! :heart_eyes: :nerd_face: :heart: :heart:

great work Atom Can you post a video about it

Plz added an demo vedio.i am really interested

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how can I buy your facial recognition Extension ? leave a link for payment

Just pm ( Personal Message ) the developer…

This extension is not related to UI, so how can there be a photo or video for it
For example if the verification is successfull then you will just get event or fail then also event
Everything is based on blocks


Can you show an vedio that blocks are working perfectly?

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Can I have an example?

You can PM @Atom_Developer for test Apk, if you are willing to buy it.



Is possible add differents users and identify each one ?

Thanks a lot!

Yes,it is possible,check the blocks
You can create a group of users and use identify block to identify which user is that :blush:

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When I looked at documentation at the time when i talked to Atom_developer and gave me a test apk, it said face identification by voice&face. This was a setback to me. You have to create a group and add at least 2 users with at least 3 voice and face enrollments. All the enrollments have to use the same phrase .

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There are many different ways,voice verification(Voice Verification extension),face verification(simple image of face),face video verification(video of face),video verification(video and voice at same time)
So here in face verification and face video verification you don’t need any voice :blush:
The face verification,face video verification,video verification, all are in same extension(this)

Also normal verification don’t needs any group, but to identify people with image you need a group of atleast two people.

Verification meaning - You give photo and name and it checks and return true and false with confidence percent

Identification meaning - you have a many people images then add them to a group,then in future when you need to know which user is this with his photo or video just use identification block.

Well, the documentation does not mention only face identification, It says voice, voice by url, User’s Voice & Face, User’s Voice & Face by url.
even the api requires the phase and the language

myVoiceIt.videoIdentification("<groupId>", "<contentLanguage>", "<phrase>", "<video>");

You may check my Extension blocks,
Phrase and language is only required for video verification which have voice and face both.
Normal face verification don’t require anything.

These blocks clearly shows which input are required for which methods.
Don’t get confused please

Hello friends, for me to use this extension in my project, will I need to create an account in an ML service (ex: Google, Microsoft or other)?

You need the account here :