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Facebook Ads Extension

Facebook Ads Extension allows you to Load 3 Typed of Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, and Native Ads.
Native Ads are Rendered by the Extension Automatically while Maintaining the Customization Options.

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Banner Ads

There are 3 Banner Ads. Sizing and Other Details Given Below :

Ad Format AdSize Reference Size Recommendation
Standard Banner BANNER_50 320x50 This banner is best suited to phones
Large Banner BANNER_90 320x90 This banner is best suited to tablets and larger devices
Medium Rectangle RECTANGLE_HEIGHT_250 320x250 This format is best suited for scrollable feeds or end-of-level screens

Interstitial Ads

Load the Interstitial Ads Using The LoadInterstitialAd Function. Show the Interstitial Ad After it has Finished Loading. (Make Sure to Show the Loaded Ad within 60mins or else it will be Invalid )

Native Ad

The Native Ad will be Rendered by the Extension. Load the Native Ad Using this Function. You can set the Colours of the Buttons, Texts, etc manually. The size of the Add will be the same as your Container ie. Horizontal or Vertical Arrangement.


You can Know why the Ad is not Loading or Displaying Using these Blocks.




thanks i was waiting for native facebook ads ! awesome work dude !

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Thanks…you did a great job. But I have some questions that is annoying me is if there is some some ad sdk version update in future,

  1. will you upgrade it continuously?
  2. If a person who has legitimately bought the downgraded version will he get th updated one automatically?
  3. Will your answer work for all ad extension you have made already?

Thanks in advance. Just a bit curious.

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Yes, If Requested By Any Of the Users.

He Can Download From the Website Under My Accounts Tab. He will get all the future Updates for free.




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Which version of SDK have you used for the extension?

The SDK Version is 5.2.0

But the latest one is 5.4.0 :point_right: Facebook component dose not work integrate sdk problem , please help

Yes, I know. Just decided to Use the Stable 5.2.0 and then Upgrade to 5.4.0

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The Extension does work with 5.2.0 I have tested it with Facebook Placement id

Have you tested it on new app, I mean with new package name? The kodular fb component is not working with new apps.

Yes, I have Tested with a New App. Made a New Placement and Made a New Placement id too and it’s working fine.

Thats Cool.:v:

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Provide The Link To Apply For Facebook Ads

Hey @Abhijith_Dominic Bro i want to purchase this extension…it will work with latest fb sdk or not ? If yes then please reply me as soon as possiable. You can mail or chat me on hangout *****@gmail.com i am resdy to purchase

Yes it works with all the New Apps. It uses SDK v 5.2.0

Thats cool…Whats the last price and can you discuss in Hangout

Please don’t post your personal emails publicly, it’s against community guidelines.

Does this extension take any commission from our earning ? if no then is it working fine on kodular eagle version ?


As far as i know you can not use any ad extension in Eagle. Only the internal ad components.