Facebook component dose not work integrate sdk problem , please help

i tryed to many times facebook ads integrate in my app but do not work , facebook audiance network show not integrate facebook sdk , facebook say please integrate facebook sdk so please help me


hello same problem here but no one to interested to give satisfied answer all says its all work very well.

why you people dont make a log file and look whats wrong. Facebook sdk is implemented in kodular. If it is not implemented , you have no facebook ad blocks.

Brother was working first and payment from Facebook too has been done Now the facebook ads integrated is not working

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Same problem. All ads are approved and requesting ads but it’s not showing.

Fcebook recently update their audience network latest sdk 5.4.1 but kodular not yet update their audience network latest sdk 5.4.1.for this reason facebook ads not show our new making apps.
please report kodular to update facebook audience network latest sdk 5.4.1


Yeah…Without new update, It’s not possible to monetize with FB ads so kodular must look into this matter…