Facebook login - Webview

Hello, I have a webview in my app and in it and I have the login with Facebook (on the website), but it is not working, what can I do?

You can’t do anything! Becz Facebook is secure and their log in system only work in Trusted browsers! They are disabled webview log in.
You can try Custom Chorme Web Page!

Could you explain me more about this “Custom Chorme Web Page”, please?

Hi there,

If I may ask, why would you need a Facebook log in?
Is it because your app have a log in feature and you put some kind of “Sign in with Facebook” button or you just need to view a specific post on a Facebook page to be displayed in the app?

Try changing WebView’s user agent to User agent of a supported browser.

My app is a webview for my website, in it I have a login and in that login I have a login with google and I tried to add facebook, but it didn’t work. Within my site there are contents that require registration / login.

Hello, thanks.

I even tried but it still kept pointing the error, do you have any agent recommendations?