Facebook Payments

I have Question Facebook send my payment on 24th sep & today is 1 Oct but I can’t received my payment n my bank account any one here who received Fb payout this problem with all publishers or just with me

Did you ask Facebook?

Facebook can’t any Response

Who told u this that facebook can’t…!!!

I contact with Facebook but never any response from Facebook I just asking any one here who received Facebook payment

if it is a wired transfer please contact your bank and let them know that you are expecting payment but it is not yet in so they should help process it fast for you. it may take upto Ten business days for money to reflect. your bank may ask you for the transaction details as shown on our Facebook payment receipt. if Facebook offers Western union as payment option and your country supports it, i would advice you opt for that instead to avoid any delays most often. NB. i don’t use Facebook ads yet anyways. am just sharing general knowledge with Bank transfers. Good-luck

Facebook sent all payment to the users. Please contact with you bank to resolve this or re-check your bank information.