Facing issue with dynamic component

Hello koders, I created list with dynamic component but when I click on a list item it takes soo much time to open another screen

If you start with this if condition + another if condition with replace , then it may work faster. Also do not test the speed in companion… always test in apk


I was testing in apk.

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But if the component is created by dynamic mean and upon clicking in it, then it is good to use such if condition so it will detect faster and will work too good … as for i know. You can try that too as a alternative

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App lags sometimes when you passes big data as start value and your new screen(that will be opened) contains a lot of layout and blocks on screen initialisation.

Also, you should use right way to switch screens so it wouldn’t fill much ram of device and can work smoothly.

And you can use Static Variable Extension also for accessing the data across screens. Then you wouldn’t need to paas start value as you can access it with extension.

Make sure to check the clicked component IsDynamic as Gowri Sankar mentioned.


OKay thanks for response, I will try, But i faced an issue with your extension static variable. if i pause my app i mean if i doesn’t close my app & reopen my app after sometime your extension doesn’t work that time. What’s the solution?

I tried everything, is dynamic component + switch screen correctly + I store strat value in tiny db then open another screen but same result

Can you share demo aia?

I want to send you in message,your message option was disabled