Failed to build or problem parsing package

Hi everybody ,
im trying to build an app using in online learning
the instructors send there lectures and the student get notified and then open the app to download or view
im facing a problem with building in kodular
most of the time it tells me something went wrong and failed to build
and if once make a successful build ,the app tells me when im installing :
there was a problem parsing the package

here my .aia file :
ELearning.aia (1.2 MB)
please any one could help, and thanks a lot

Your package name is not proper

You can keep it blank or else if you want it custom then it should be in format com.example.mypackage

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Yes as @Vaibhav said this problem came due to package name fault. This parsing error also comes when the Minimum SDK or API Version of the app is greater than the API Version or Android Version of your device.
Happy Koding

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thank you very much i got it
but why the builder failed to build my app many times ?!!

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thank you a lot

There are some bugs or something which is causing error in building apps. This problem is being reported by many users now.
Hope @kodular will fix it soon…

thank you :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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