Fancy Dialog Extension - Show Dialog With Animations And Other Customizations [PAID]

This extension allows you to show dialogs with animations and you can also set many other things.
You can set the animation, dialog background color , animation duration, dialog gravity.
There are three types of gravity (Top,Center,Bottom).

It Have It’s own design for showing the dialog but if you don’t want it’s design(You want your custom arrangement).You can do it also, there is block to show the custom dialog .

Also if you want to add a custom component in between the normal dialog, you can do it also…there is block for showing custom component is dialog…

This extension gives total 14 Different Type Of Animations.

Available Effects - Fadein , Slideleft , Slidetop , SlideBottom , Slideright , Fall , Newspager , Fliph , Flipv , RotateBottom , RotateLeft , Slit , Shake , Sidefill

Test link - Nifty Modal Window Effects (Test only those name given above which are available in the extension)

Thanks to @chaimk for sponsoring this extension :smiley:.





PayPal - 12.5 USD
PayTM - 700 INR


Awesome extension but I am not able to see all effect

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Post Edited.


Amazing @Atom_Developer!!

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Great @Atom_Developer

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Great work and nice extension

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