Fast Charging App - For Sale

Hy koders , im selling some of my apps because i work on other projects so, if someone needs app like this.

In app are inserted admob ads & privacy policy.
To start earning you youst insert your admob units ID. :slight_smile:

(Note: Download the app , images here are low quality)
App looks great on phone , download it for more info

APK: Batteri.apk - Google Drive

For price please contact me PM


Do not use your contact information… use pm feature of community to contact privately

ok thanks :slight_smile:

You’re telling me this supercharges my phone FOR FREE?


Yes faster then bullet xD :grin:

What a jock :joy:

  • Apps do not help charging the phone faster - your smartphone should support it in the first place.
  • The fast charging depends on your hardware. If your smartphone supports fast charging (Qualcomm quick charge or Dash charge) - it should be mentioned with the specifications on your phone.
  • If you do not observe fast charging or quick charging mentioned on your smartphone specsheet (or the box), - then you cannot charge your smartphone faster than the normal rate.

Now a days everyone knows this, Instead of using apps, methods like switching phone off while charging if calls and alarms doesn’t matter or useing airplane mode which speeds up charging drastically.

Please don’t take me wrong, your app UI is good try to create some content/service based apps.

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