Fb ads are not sowing in my app

My app name is New year Wishes i had published in play store. I had successfully add Fb ads in my app but ads are not showing. Then i had contact fb developer the are tell me your sdk version is old please upgrade. pls do something.


I think you just think Kodular as an ad platform. Really? You are preferring another platform for just an ad problem. Don’t use ads then, your app will work perfectly. We didn’t say “You need to use ad component your every app” Also, many users don’t like ads.

Why do you thinking about your earnings instead of thinking people?

What is your major priority?

  • Earning money from apps.
    Only you will be happy.
  • Using Kodular’s CLASSIC blocks (instead of Show Ad blocks :unamused:) and using your imagination to make better apps for people without ads.
    Everyone will be happy. Because of you will be motivated for your app’s downloads. And people will be happy with no ads and app content.

If you only think yourself. Ok, this means you are doing wrong.

You can live without earning money, but you can’t live without your happiness.

Why am I so angry?

Check this video’s description. I can’t publish description due to be filled with hate and insults. I tried so hard not to get mad. Now I’m very angry with them (ad lovers) and I don’t regret it at all.


You have to wait a new version with the upgraded sdk.
But it may take a long time to come since it’s not exactly the top priority to the staff.
Actually, I don’t know why but many developers here hate people that decide to monetize their apps. I admit I can’t understand that but it is how it is.


you need to wait or take another ads,

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