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Describe your app:

AISMCO, an application which helps school work in coordination. Our app makes an eco-system between (Parent-Teacher-Principal-Student). It gives a boost in performance of students in the school. It will help teacher connect with students which will act as a feature for the school. Parents can get a daily update of their ward and this is not all some of the other features that help create an eco-system are:
• Classwork for Students
• Homework for Students
• Paper-less Attendance Management With Notification System
• Online Fees Payment (Coming Soon)
• Talk with Teacher for Students and Talk with Students for Teachers without sharing numbers (Coming Soon)
• Regular Reports
• Exam Schedule for Students
• Bus Routes with Driver Details
• School-related Information like Address, Contact Number
• Gallery feature for teachers to upload a photo and for students to download and view
I should tell you that all of this on one platform will be provided for “Free of Cost”.

App Store/Download link:

I encourage suggestions, feedback and complaints to improve my product.
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Please post some screenshots of Your App.
So that other can know more about it. Not everyone like to install app.

The app needs more work, But not a bad idea. The UI needs more work.

Need more improvement.

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That’s what I am asking: to tell me how can I Improve

Screenshots can be seen in play store link

The UI needs more work…

Actually, what can i do any suggestion:
colour themes, material design, transparency etc

Color themes, And Material design

Which Colour/s will best suite?

Red and white, White could be the color of the text and red could be the background color, make red not to bright nor to dark make it just right for the users eyes to enjoy.

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#F96167FF The perfect red

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Perfect :+1:

Just found this:


Found a other tool for you

Sneak Peak:

AISMCO V3 - Coming Soon

and thanks to @DevyChicken for your suggestion!

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