Feedback on this pause type

I am experimenting with different ways to create a pause.

Can I have some feedback on this approach? What do you like or dislike about it.

I would use a local variable instead of a global one
As it is only used in that Event, it does not make sense to use one which can be altered/confused anywhere


Valid point @Diego.

After some testing, it is freezing out the app. Any idea why?

Probably because the do check never ends, as it is triggered only in a specific millisecond. And if for some reason that millisecond is spent on another process, it never triggers
Instead of using !=, try to use >= instead


Something strange is happening.

So I had to reduce this down to Milliseconds. I add 5k milliseconds to the instant.

It posts properly in labels.


However when I try to do a while loop it crashes. Here are the blocks

Here is the error. I do not understand this as the values go into the labels with the same blocks with no problem.

call Clock1.Now is an instant, and the call Clock1.Make Instant From Millis takes a numeric input, not an instant. You might want to make millis from an instant.