File component could not error

Can you share aia for my reference

No, for the save method you need the relative path.
Here are my blocks for saving a text file and copy an image from the /Download folder to the ASD:

Again @kentleow1496, there is no need to feel rushed to pick which method best suits you, however, I definitely think your application would be better off not needing a pesky permission :)

i try to do now

Which permission does not have much impact on my application, the most important thing is that I can make the application work normally, because tomorrow I will have to conduct related tests with the government department

The File component will ask for the READ and WRITE permissions which aren’t needed for the external directories. If you don’t want to ask for the READ and WRITE permissions, you can relook over my previous response referencing the extension I recommended!

I know that, but that’s not the subject of our considerations here, only the question of whether it is possible to save to the ASD with the File component. And it does.

So you were wrong in your claim:

It is well known that the READ/WRITE permission problem can be avoided with the EFile extension. But this was not the question.

I already provided an extension that can be used.

Back then I would’ve been correct, but I do remember at one point being unable to save files to certain paths.

I love you, my application can save files normally

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I am really not a fan of the File component for these reasons:

  • The really disturbing thing is the constant alternation between relative and absolute path.
  • Copying from the assets does not work
  • Permissions are also requested for the ASD (but this applies to many components, but I’m sure this will be fixed when Kodular targets Android 11, Aug 2021).
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Here are all blocks, where you can see that for the SaveFile method a relative path is needed, but for the Copy method you must set an absolute path. :upside_down_face:


I hope that this (and the other points) will be adjusted / fixed with the next Kodular update.

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What is the meaning of it? Really i don’t know about it

One from the Kodular team took care of the matter.
Thank you @pavi2410 !


Fixed that! Thank you very much @bodymindpower for reporting this bug :pray:


Great! Is there a way to test it?
Maybe on the Beta server, but unfortunately the build server doesn’t seem to be working there at the moment.

I will push the changes to beta over the weekend


Beta server has been updated


  • Fixed File Copy function doesn’t accept asset path
  • Fixed File Copy function doesn’t accept relative file names
  • Fixed File Exists function doesn’t work for assets


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