File-Component - Upload txt-File to Firebase Storage

Try this one eFile.apk (5.1 MB)

I tested it and it makes no differences (permissions is still required)

You need the full path for Firebase Storage components. (see post 3)

I agree with you.

I hope this will fix the problem :slight_smile:


Ok, there was an update of the EFile extension.
I have been working with the first one (2020-06-10).
@vknow360 did not mention that there was an update.

So I downloaded the extension again.

Now I get the this:

No…not at all.
I think you had downloaded aix from Dev_Yb’s topic.

Maybe … I don’t remember …
but where should the java file come from?

Original topic:

Yes I know, but as I have shown I got two versions of the java file:

Here is my test aia: EFile_test.aia (27.9 KB)

It took you a while to figure it out why mine worked and not yours…

Btw, I wonder why you insist in using the whole path and not as the description tells you to do


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As you can see, I used both:

I only want to show that it doesn’t work with ASD path (without READ perm.)

Btw, saving the file without a slash should store it in the “private storage directory” as @vknow360 said:

which is obviously not the case.

what about just using the correct filename, which is test.ext to avoid READ permission?
as @Boban said…


And again: I used this file name without a slash, but:

See also here: privateDataDir.apk (5.0 MB)

The file “private.txt” is NOT saved in the external storage (ASD), but in the “private data directory”.

I was correct :grin:

Hi, I’m interested in this, too. But I can’t figure out now how you can upload a TXT file to FireBase storage using everything that’s listed above. If it doesn’t bother smart people, show the blocks how to upload it all now.

Hi, you find the needed blocks in the first picture of post 11 :slight_smile:

What it is? Where do you get this block?

From here:

Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work. :pleading_face: :pleading_face:

How to use this feature???