File componet read block error 2101 after fenix recompile

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

After recompiling my app in Fenix release, file read from file block fails with error 2101. I am using path /Download/filename and was working fine on previous release.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Only recompile with new fenix release

Expected: Read file content as before

Result: Returns error 2101: File Not found

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The segment text block is just removing the “/storage/emulated/0” (19 chars) returned by the list directory function so leaving /Download/… what is supposed to be the path needed for File component

Android version 11

It’s not a bug.

Thanks Anke,
This clarified the behavior. So I understand now it is impossible to access files outside the app private directory. So /Download is now looking for Download directory within app private directory. Is this correct?
In my app I do need to download a ZIP file (that goes to device Download directory) and then unzip it. Can unzip access it now? Will the unzipped content be added to the app private directory?
Thanks for your support and best regards

One question. Is this new behavior only working on Android 10+ or is the same for all Android versions? My program needs to work an all Android versions.

Yes, there are a lot of posts on this topic in the AI2 forum.
So take a look around there and I made also some tutorials.

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Thanks Anke,
I’ve already seen some of them and got a better understanding. Now I know how to change my app. Not too complex.
Thanks so much