File not found after picking with activity starter

Hi, these are my blocks

Here is the result

After execution, it shows me no file found… Can someone help?

May be you can add the complete path in the file name parameter…( kio4_base64) and not the filename only…

Note that file path contains space.(see last item of list)

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OK i should use the trim block right?

Replace spaces with %20

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so should i use trim block along with replace segment block

Not working

One of this blocks return Base64 string

Hi, thanks for your reply but I didn’t understand what you did

I have updated the image, one of those will work 1-6

Why are you asking

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Is it sure that everytime i get the same result uri?? @boban? and the other 5 which you have told i think it is for assets but im not picking anything from assets

I tried with file picker extension as it directly gives the name but it didn’t work though :disappointed:

tried your method doesn’t work @Boban