File tools not working?

i’m trying to show jpg files in app from my internal Storage. Just I didn’t get.
blocks (34)
blocks (35)
blocks (36)

I tried both File Extension by @vknow360 and @Taifun

Both extensions work perfectly on all Android versions.
Try to set with(sub)Folders to true because the root directory is mostly empty.

still not working please check this aia
Test.aia (64.8 KB)

As I said they work file on all Android versions:

same thing i’ve done in my aia.

No, you only put this block in the Screen.Initialize event.

okay thank You but why its’ not working on apk? also getting error 908 the Permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE has denied, enable it from setting, i check in app settings Permission in allowed.

Also it didn’t show me correct number. In DCIM Folder I’ve more than 100 jpg Image but its just showing 5

Try this one on your (test) device(s):
Test1.apk (5.2 MB)

Are you sure that images are in root of DCIM folder and not in sub folders?
Set recursive to true if you want to get files from sub folders too.

Exactly, as already mentioned:

In my test APK it’s both set to true.

Yes Images are root folder of DCIM. But Still I’ve set recursive to true

Okay i checked your apk it works thank you. Can u please share AIA file of tell me about changes you made

Everything that needs to be said about this has already been said several times.

Okay …

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