FileTools : Some tools to work with files

Something to test:

It works for me in Companion.
Apk Result:

What should I test? (I already tested it. :upside_down_face:)
You should test it and you will find that it doesn’t work.

I checked it out with 2 test devices (Android 9 and 5).
And as I said, it doesn’t work with Companion or the APK.

I cant find block to get file name using file path, i use latest version

I regret to inform you that the member has requested that their account be suspended. Maybe someone knows how to solve your question…

will i be suspened?

Not you !!!
@vknow360 have requested that your account be suspended !!!
Edit: using his words he asked for it to be banned …

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why he want my account be suspended

I want to get file name from path

He is suspended for a year. If you want, then contact him through his website. If there is any contact info there.
Or comment there.

Not Yours,

Of Himself.
That too he asked for next 1000 years.

Recently we Lost Few Gems out of the Community.

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Check this with Kodular and AI2:
copyFromAssetsToASD.aia (64.8 KB)
copyFromAssetsToASD.apk (5.2 MB)

It doesn’t work with Kodular and it doesn’t work with AI2. → Companion & APK.



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Today I received a PM from the developer via the AI2 forum (the developer is apparently no longer in the Kodular Community :upside_down_face: + :sob:) that there has been another update of version 9 (2020-07-08).

However, this is not updated / available in Google Drive (→ link). So don’t use this link. However, my test app is based on version 9 (2020-07-06) and therefore does not work.
The new version (20-07-08) however works.


I spoke (minutes before requesting to be banned) with him to reverse his position but I couldn’t do anything…

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I spoke to him of whatsapp few days ago to make a extension called file 2 string, after that he block me. :pleading_face:

Please don’t go off-topic.

The developer told me via PM, that he forgot to update the Google Drive link.
He will do it as soon as possible.


Can I make file manager app with the help of this extension in kodular???

Can I use GotFileList event of FileTools Extention more than one at a times? so what can I do?

Please edit FileOrFolderSize get value in mb not bite.:pray::pray::pray:

convert bite to mb