Filter Airtable Column Data

Could you help me please…

I have this application, where by clicking on the menu (Campinas) I want my list below (which comes from the airtable) to filter only the names of the city of Campinas. But when doing this, the Name is added along with the list that already exists in the list view.

How do I make only the filtered names of the city of Campinas appear in the list?

When tab item selected, set list view elements to clear all. As per your procedure what is happening mean, you are adding again to the existing list.

Set list view elements to create empty list.

Also why are you using make a list? It is no needed

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Thanks for your help @Still-learning

I tried that too, but it didn’t work.

I managed to solve it as follows: I was storing the filter inside the list variable. So I created a local variable to receive only the filter. And it worked.

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