Filtre bar app with airtable in kodular

Hello coders i’ve been making app
for search but search not working i had tried many times and searched also but nothing happend please help i cant explain my problem properly please help download the aia below and check the preblem
And please know me with image

Best of luck and thank you in advance

Advance_Search_App_For_Kodular.aia (233.3 KB)

Just by seeing aia no one can help… As said by Rogerio please post your error. Also in which screen you are facing this problem , Pls share that screen blocks screen shot


You can take a reference of this :point_down: guide

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here is your aia, search list corrected.

search_airtable_GSR.aia (233.6 KB)

Your blocks are wrong. Update it. Also learn the logic.

Good strategy. Ask and you will be answered … :+1:
Effortlessly and without learning … :+1:
It is not the best way to evolve …

I think you and I are the only ones who get triggered by this sort of thing.

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Friend, surely there are others who don’t like “I want a aia ready” or “blocks ready” or look at my aia and fix it.
But, as you can see, there are others who love to get This blocks,aia ready.

I am less and less answering doubts … because soon post everything ready … and we already talked about why this, do you remember?

Watch: I deleted my suggestions …

I thought, : what are these my suggestions for?

He got a ready AIA !

@deanart2012 , Solved Topic.

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I understand exactly what you mean. It’s better to teach people to think for themselves instead of providing ready made solutions which they probably won’t understand and will need further help with when a more complicated situation arises.

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I am a starter so i dont know about blocks sorry but i am trying to do my best

Thanks i will learn the logic and this is perfect

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