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maybe it was only for firefox and he forgot to edit it
or maybe he is using firefox as primary

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@Kevin_Kesler There is no hotkey or shortcut key currently to open search or focus on it.

The extension stopped working after kodular premium. does the same thing happen to you?


Same here :frowning:

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@Gn_Apps @fical I will provide an update soon


and Ai2Offline


Does the extension stopped working after last update of Koduar? here it is not working neither in Chrome or Firefox.

Edit: Forget, I just saw that yes.

Hi @HritikR ,

It would be really great if you could update your extension. Your work is really awesome.

Best wishes.

Hi @almeidapablo @Murtaza1,
I will provide an update asap.

Thank you.


The extension is working again, folks (at least in Firefox)

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Hi Everyone, Extension upgraded to support Kodular Update

Download BlockFinder ( New Version )

Firefox : Download XPI
Chrome: Download ZIP
Opera: Download ZIP


Would love to try this update and give you feedback!

Edge does not support your extension even though it supports chrome extension. Is there anything you can suggest about this?


It’s great! Very good job @HritikR ! And a very helpful aportation! Congratulations!

Humble donation on the way! :money_mouth_face:

The extension is NOT working NOW on Firefox or Chrome either … is there any solution for that?
N.B. I used the latest version added to this post

It is not working in opera gx. There is no crx file in the .zip file

It was a very interresting and helpull extension…
but it doesn’t works anymore on firefox…


Not sure if I installed wrong or if it is an error. Steps I did: download, unpack in c drive, chrome> extensions, become developer, load unpacked. add to toolbar, go to MIT app inventor, reload page. No change in options seen. Toolbar did not work.

Note: Error message showed when adding extension.

Closed Due to Author’s request. He’ll no longer maintain this project.