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I have tested it with 1500 - 2000 blocks but I’m not sure if it can handle 20000 blocks. there might be some lagging issues.


Great. And also add search keyword. Gudluck :golfing_man:


wow, it’s really amazing, I’ve always needed this… :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

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WOWWWW, this is the thing what i was waiting for…:-), THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The back side is that i use MIT Appinventor. Is it possible to implement and use it there too?

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yes it is possible.


Hmm you was adding so many features

So :sweat_smile: can you add comment planel like in unreal engine have ?

If possible then only

comment panel? you mean blueprint?

This is a great idea! It is really difficult to locate a specific block in large projects.
But I think the way you demonstrate is a bit cumbersome especially when there are a lot of blocks.
I think it would be nice if it would be possible to locate a specific block through the list of blocks of the component itself.
And the initialization block of the variable will be detectable through each of its value blocks.

But it might also be nice to implement both ways
It would also be nice to add a picture next to the block name (for the way you suggested)
This will make it easier to locate the locator​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Point Thanks for your suggestion I will try to implement it

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Like that grey colour box

Yes Blue print, just imagine those block is of Kodular and Kodular have this feature then we can divide the section and give a name to it

If possible

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This is how blocks in unity3D are linked. But if this is possibly implemented it will make things messy- seeing lines linked with it’s corresponding blocks.

Bruh those are different things I said the box only not those line

Before @Powertech_Development posting just read the above post you will understand

Both are different platforms even the work flow also

It will be better for us if we don’t talk about those things

I hope you understand what I mean

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ooh, I thought you mean those lines, now i get.

@Shreyaa Currently it is not possible using a browser extension. it can be done by customizing appinventor sources there’s someone who has already presented this concept “Mini Workspace” for App inventor. i hope app inventor team add this soon. it’s a great idea to manage blocks.

Mini Workspace Thesis


it looks amazing! Why is it not implemented already?
It was offered in 2015

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Extension Released (Beta) for Firefox


Congrats on the release! :tada:

A couple of suggestions: Consider adding the extension’s link in the first post. This way users won’t have to scroll past all the unrelated posts on the topic. Also, update the topic title and add basic instructions on how to use this extension.


Amazing work @HritikR . It is really awesome work. Congratulations :clap: :clap:


Fantastic! I wanna try it, but just in case, does this extension collect any data? Is there something like a privacy policy?


Thank you @Shreyash. I will update it