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It’s great! Very good job @HritikR ! And a very helpful aportation! Congratulations!

Humble donation on the way! :money_mouth_face:

The extension is NOT working NOW on Firefox or Chrome either … is there any solution for that?
N.B. I used the latest version added to this post

It is not working in opera gx. There is no crx file in the .zip file

It was a very interresting and helpull extension…
but it doesn’t works anymore on firefox…


Not sure if I installed wrong or if it is an error. Steps I did: download, unpack in c drive, chrome> extensions, become developer, load unpacked. add to toolbar, go to MIT app inventor, reload page. No change in options seen. Toolbar did not work.

Note: Error message showed when adding extension.

Closed Due to Author’s request. He’ll no longer maintain this project.