Find Data Spreadsheet

I have Big Data in Spreadsheet, I have 1.000.000 Cell
can you help me how to find data very fast?

if (e.parameter.func == "CEKANGKUTAN") {
    var kd_petak = e.parameter.kd_petak;
		var dpk = e.parameter.dpk;	
    var data=false;   
    var lr = sh.getLastRow();
    for(var row=1;row<=lr;row++){
      var data_kd_petak = sh.getRange(row, 3).getValue();
      var data_dpk = sh.getRange(row, 10).getValue();
      if((data_dpk==dpk) && (data_kd_petak==kd_petak)){      //jika data kdPetak dan DPK sudah ada akan ditolak

if I use this code, it take more time…

Instead of using script code,. Why don’t you use gviz method of query

its good idea…thanks its work to fast find data with thousand cell

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