Find specific app on device

hi developers, is it possible to look for an particular app installed on the device via Package name? and get result in true or false?

You can use Activity Starter.

yes bor i make a video on this topic on my channel .play store app install verify

Will you explain please if possible with blocks??

The Resolve Activity will return the Activity Class, if the app is available, else an empty string.

This block is now available in

Thank you very much. i’m not attempting to launch any app. anyway i wanted to know the simple block like if apk is installed on the device than show toast “Apk found” if not “Apk not found”? looking forwards the reply :sweat_smile:

This doesn’t launch the app, only finds it.

can i know this?

You can do like this

not is empty? ActivityStarter1.Resolve Activity
// true -> app found
// false -> app not found

cat got stuck on the air… will you plz provide screenshot of the blocks for better understanding?

here are some examples App Inventor Code Snippets | Pura Vida Apps

do i really need to fill “class” for looking an app installed on the device? how can i get class for any app?

you might want to try the package manager extension
btw the extensions directory is here App Inventor Extensions: Package Manager | Pura Vida Apps