Fingerprint component

I’ve tried to make a testing app for the new fingerprint component, but I don’t understand how can I set a new authorised fingerprint. I was looking for the help page for the component, but the page displayed me a 404 error.


If you could tell me whether you want to use the dialog and what you want to happen, then I can help you better

I just want to test how does the Fingerprint sensor component works, but I don’t know how to save a valid fingerprint which authorises the app to make something (for example, to log in).
Because at the moment, if I call the Fingerprint sensor to scan my finger, it just un-authorises me.
Thanks for your attention :smile:

You can register a fingerprint. You need to set fingerprints in your device, then you can verify them.

OK, I think it didn’t worked at the beginning because I was trying it in an old Makeroid Companion version.
Thank you! :smile:

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I have provided a 4 digit Pin to my app users. They always sign in using that PIN. how can I use fingerprint to provide access to my users instead of using the PIN only known to the user. Currently when I am trying to use fingerprint to authorize the app user, its alllowing anyone who has installed the app in their phone to access it. Is there any way to register the fingerprint first time with the PIN security and then allow fingerprint access on that device.