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My fingerprint button is also a return and exit button. When I press my fingerprint, the program will exit. What should I do?

Please show your blocks.

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If blocks available, others may help you soon.

Upon clicking the button if it gets result you can set it to get return. If no result comes mean you can set it for exit

But actually, you can try to set different buttons

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The phone model : Huawei P20119 Uploading: 119.png…

please show in English i cant understand

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It means when fingerprint 1 on authentication succeeded, then

i did not asked that i know about that i wanna know the about the block inside it

That makes me too confused :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

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The one inside is the display image, no problem

here you use if block,
If authedication success make button to go next screen, if not make the button to exit or say error

The block is for authentication succeeded so an if block wouldn’t help here.

Liu does your fingerprint scanner trigger the ‘when screen back pressed’?

The middle position below is the fingerprint touch key, which is also the touch key for program exit. As long as you touch it, the program will exit.

Uploading: 22.jpg…

In order to exit out of the app, you have to use close application block

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I don’t want to turn off the screen. I want to verify my fingerprint, but the program will close after touching the fingerprint key because the fingerprint touch key is also the exit touch key.

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Well then thats the issue with your phone. If you meant

“Your phone’s fingerprint sensor is on the back button” right ?

Try this I want disable back button physical device - MIT App Inventor Help - MIT App Inventor Community

Thank you for your help, very useful!

Answer is simple I think once the user done finger print verification ask activity starter to open app again with value opened again then when screen 1 initialize if start value = opened again using notifier ask do u want to exit if answer is yes exit application else continue

The issue @LIU is facing is when the user touches the fingerprint sensor the app closes because the fingerprint sensor is also the exit button


something like this the fingerprint sensor and the home button are the same

Yes I know that’s why I said when finger print scanned use activity starter to open the same app so the closed one will open