Fingerprint sensor not working

I’ve designed app in such a way that it has to recognize fingerprint and send status to firebase.
But it is not recognizing the finger print sensor itself.

Hey @Ravi_shankar_Balakrishnan welcome to Kodular community…
In order to solve your problem please provide us some more info like blocks you used, or aia

I recommend to read this before asking a question

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  1. Values are not same. You’ve to write them correctly.

  2. You’re opening Screen2, inside Screen2.

Where do you asked for authentication?
I mean you need to
use fingerprintScanner.authenticate block in order to trigger fingerprint scanner success block…
And you need to check if fingerprint scanner is available on phone or not, is finger added or not…
You can get full information from here Fingerprint - Kodular Docs

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