FireApple : Change the way you Browse

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Collects Nothing
Respects Privacy
Unaltered News Daily


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Try it out and please post if you have any suggestions :wink:


Umm… are you sure about this :point_up:? Because your permission list :point_down: tells a different story

Also, you need to work on UI a lot to make it look better

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App does not collects any data. Only Permission Required is for Storage to download files. App works perfectly fine even if permissions are declined.

Then why are those permissions even listed there?

And how/why do you think that users would believe this?

Camera contacts location and microphone may be required by sites which you are visiting.

it is part of the webviewer component

I think card-viewing the news stuff would do.

But they are required by your app, not by any sites that I am visiting!!!

But according to Web Viewer - Kodular Docs permission required by webviewer are :point_down:


Not only this but there are lot of things that can be improved. For example icons you have used, the way you arranged all the things, the way you are using/displaying buttons(social media/downloads), etc

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I got it.This is due to custom web view extension.

Cool! Can you make a feature that changes the theme based on the system’s clock?

Like light theme when it is day and dark when night?