Firebase Analytics Extensions [ PAID]

let Me Clear What Is Firebase Analytics And Why Do We Need?
Firebase Analytics Is A Tool Which Is Uses To Track Your Application In Real-Time.
It help To Improve The Performance Of Your App, You Can Provide What Your Really User Want In Your App.It Helps You To Improve better Decision About Your Content ,Your Product And Marketing Optimization Of Your Apps.You Can Use This Extension TO Track What Your User Really Come In Your App For,You Can Know What Your User Really intrested In Your App(Beneficial For E-Commerce Apps),You Can Use This Aix To Know Which Country Has More User In Your App So That You Can Provide Them Good Service, You Can Know Which Android And How Much User Uses And Active Now IN Your App For Good Optimization Your App And Service …

Price :- 9.99$ Or 699 INR [ Interested Person Can PM Me]
Thank You !!!
if Anyone Want Any Extension To Be Made Then Contact Me I Can Make It For You :slightly_smiling_face:


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Great extension :+1:

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Great extension :clap:
Very useful.
Keep it up.

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Why should we give Component type and Component name?

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if you want to trigger what user do in your app then use that block i.e
if user mostly click on any activity like if we place component type=Button and ComponentName=Button1+yourdesiretext i.e clicked then in event you can see that how much your this button has been clicked recently and how much user has clicked that all times so that you can know what user really intrested in your app !


you can use dailog text etc you its your choice what you rename you can give tag acc to your choice i.e app can be given too also u can use this for reffer purpose

Firebase Analytic uses can be Search On Google ! Sorry For My Bad English ! :sweat_smile:

It will be good like this

  1. Event (string)
  2. Parameters (dictionary)

Both Formal Parameter Is String Type… :slightly_smiling_face:

This Will Clear You What Really Uses Of LogEvent Blocks​:wink:

We can give parameters to events in Firebase Analytics.
Example - like this
Event = log in
Parameters = {“key1”=“value1”, "key2=“value2”}

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Value 1 Is Just To Give Tag(id) To Value 2

analytics.logEvent('goal_completion', { name: 'lever_puzzle'});

This screenshot Is Real-Time

Like this

Event = Game Over
Parameters =
{“Score”=“100”, “Mode”=“Classic”, “PlayerType”=" Premium"}

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yea yea know understand :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry man, is there a particolar reason why you capitalize the initial letter of each word?

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