Firebase Analytics Extensions [ PAID]

I am Like This :sweat_smile:

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I want to buy, can you please pm me.

check your inbox!

Don’t mind, I appreciate your efforts. But all this can be done without any extension. Using simple blocks we can easily find real-time users and other click events.

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lol,you can say to google there is no uses of analytic library we can do this with simple code.
First No Hate :blush:
This Block Seems To be simple But There is More Uses.
Search Google : Why Do We Need Firebase Analytic?
For More Clear Information.

Lets Clear More What Is Actually Uses Of This extension?
1.Get Active User In Real Time-Well This Can Be Done Using Store value Blocks
But That Will Make Your App Laggy Even You cant Get Acurate Details.But This Extension Provide You This Service
Without Any Lag And You Can Get The Information Which API device Is Being ,In Which Country Your App Is Being Used Now: So You can Provide Facility In Your App According To The culture of the country , This Will Help You Alot To Improve User experience
2.Store Activity Of Your App- This Can Be Also Done Using Any Databse , But But First Lag,second chance of app crashing is more, long block, Not Useful for Admob : Also Google Basically Provide This Feature Mostly For Admob And InAppBilling , WithHelp Of Realtime User And activity You Can Boost your Admob Impression And provide Good InAppbilling Experience ,Atleast You can Know The invalid Activity Done In Admob or facebook or Any Other Ads Network
3.VeryHelpful-You Can Know Which Screen Is Most Used In Your App ,What They Do Actually,you Can Know They Find Really helpful Or Not
Block Seems Simple But There Is More Uses
Things Are Small Doesnt matter But They Should Come In Big Uses
I Know People Even Find helpful But They Go With free one;
[Remember]Business is All About Investment And good services
Thank You! :slightly_smiling_face:


Where is the aia

The Extension is paid

Giving you the aia will give you the extension too!!


nice work, I like it :heart:

I want this extension, How much is for real?

what you mean for real this real price @FELIPE_Leandro


He meant brazilian real I suppose.


i want this extension how can i get

Can I know about this extension size?

I mean kb or mb?

you already tried to steal an extension with me for extension exchange but I flagged you I don’t know why Kodular didn’t take action against you, why you want to know the size of this extension :slightly_smiling_face: If You Want To create your own don’t try to steal just simply go and learn java

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I am Not selling This Extension Now, I M getting so much spam message,On basis of buying this extension i belive that they want source code of this extension and sell it somewhere platform like telegram whatsapp etc also some people want it for implementing in their builder, if you want to buy have a good profile on community…then only i will sell this extension :pensive:


I want to buy, can you please pm me.

Hi, I am interested in this extension to help me understand my users. Thank you for contacting me so I can get it. Thank you very much for your effort!

This extension is discontinued try free one :-