Firebase apk compilation error, (another) firebase config file error

I read the discussions in the community. But I couldn’t find a solution for myself.
I need help. I need help.

First of all the official language of the community is English but your reference image does not have it at all…
And second, you should refer to the above guide More Information is required…

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I cant Understand what are You Telling But Note You can’t View .json Files in Viewing area only images and videos you can view

This is starting to be a frequent cause


I would like to point out that I have attached the Json file

Is your Android package name on Firebase the same as on the kodular?


Yes, Android package name in Firebase is same as kodular

Can you show the error message screen that is appearing to you?


See this post from @Boban , the error is similar to yours.
Have you tried that?

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Yes I tried but got no results :confused: :worried:

Will your login authentication be done by email?

If so, you have already checked if you have activated the login provider (EMAIL) in firebase

I would be happy if it was it. But that’s not the problem, I can’t compile the apk file.

May I ask where did you do that.

Looking at this image I see that the component firesabe_database is missing
It is through it that you will be able to link your app with the firebase database


without that key and URL you won’t be able to.

I solved the problem :slightly_smiling_face:. I created a new project with a different e-mail address regarding the problem json file. :smiley:

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