Firebase Auth Component the wrong Block triggerd

Hello, I have builded a APK with that Component and i tested it.
I can say, i can create a User with Email and Password, this feature works, but the wrong if block triggers, if the user signed up successfuly. The Block Login Success triggerd, after Firebase added a new User with Email and Password. I think, that the wrong block troggerd. The Block with the name Current User Success should triggers after a sign up or do i think wrong?
I get a toast msg with msg: Signup Success Success
I think there is one Success to much (maybe)

If i want to Sign Up with that Email Again i get the right msg: Email is already taken by another user.
This is ok and should be.

Than i have found another error.
If i Login with a user the right block triggers but i get a wrong Toast msg: Signup Success Success
And this is wrong bc i am already signed up this was a Login and not a Sign up.
But the right Block triggerd and show me the User ID.

So there are two problems. With Login with Email and Password.

Than i tested the Google Sin in function. (block)
I thought we can Sign up and Sign in with that?
Because if i click on that event for Goggle Sign in, and i pick my Account, the Block for Login failed triggerd, and gave me the msg: Login Failed.
Normally i should Sign up at first, and than if i click that event again i should Sign in.
I think the Problem here is,that this Component can only Sign in and not Sign up.

I hope this could help to solve this issues.

Thanks Team , you guys make a great work, i hope i can help with that a bit.