Firebase auth issue

I am having firebase auth issue. Let me explain. I prepared a project. I have set up two different firebase projects. It only provides auth from someone. In the other, it only stores data in the database. The problem is everything is working fine before publishing it on google play. But firebase auth does not work when published on google play.
The app have google json file and valid for auth project.

why ? What was wrong with using just one firebase project for authentication and data ?

Becasue the thief can stole our data. When you put google json file into apk, actually it can show by using basic way

One of the downsides of using the firebase component I guess. Perhaps consider using the REST api and the web component to overcome this issue. However, if you get your authentication and authorisation methods properly organised, there should not be a problem.

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This is not enough to solve problem. Other projects ı made has not a similar problem. Why did exist a problem ı wonder?

Use security rules to protect your data from hackers