Firebase auth password length

Guys i have a question hopefully someone has an answer…

Why is the app’s that you build the one day work fine like it should, and then the next day it does not work no settings changed i just switched on my pc connected to kodular and companion and its not working?

i am confused :unamused:

Without details, so are we :joy:

Please provide us all relevant technical info so that we can help you out.

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hahaha sorry man,

ouky so the other day i asked i someone could help me get my firebase to work in this topic Firebase Authorization

And now after i want to test again its not working anymore after i have done everything again still not working…

i know its weird i just dont get it why is it working the one day and then not…

Have there been any changes on the network side of things?
Deduction in internet speed or something like that?

Do things work as expected when you compile an apk?
Which part of your app is not working? Could you please find out? (say, the firebase authorisation success block, or the screen initialisation block)

no settings has change everything is the same apk compile fine. its my user registration not working to create firbase auth user andfor that i can not log in to my app

logIn screen

Could you manually create a user from the Firebase console and then try to login with that user?
If not, can you try logging in with a pre-existing user?

nope not working even with a pre-existing user…

guys fixed my issue firebase Auth password needs to be 6 characters to be able to be stored.

my new blocks if anyone has the same problem, my old users with 5 characters cant log In needs to be changed to 6 characters

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I’ve changed the title to something more descriptive so that other users can find this solution more easily :slightly_smiling_face:


cool no problem hope it will help someone :grinning:

If you have text less than 5 letters, tell the user
Use logic

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