Firebase Auth Problems

I created the project with firebase auth and realtime database. But ı changed auth project on firebase reason of security. Then I receive “An unexpected error has occurred. [Reason: 2002: An OAuth client with the given package name and SHA1 already exists]” problem. I get it problem. Although ı deleted old project google-json and other necessary, when ı create new project add project with package name and etc, I receive again same problem.

How can I solve this?

Without any screenshots of errors and blocks it’s difficult for us to guess your problem

There is not thing to picture. Because When ı click sign up button and in blocks run firebase google sign up.

İn Old application open the list of gmail and auth. But after change not works.

Have you uploaded the Jason file in assets

I uploaded . But still doesnt work.

Check this

You can’t have two projects of same package name . Even if you delete it. It will take alteast 4-5 days to get deleted fully from developer’s console.

Thank you. :sunglasses:

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Working or not

I deleted today. So I cant guess. But not still working. I think I have to waiting. After 4-5 days I am going to write this topic

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.1 you must remove this app from the old project also must delete the json file from assets. Also replace the old project firebase web api key, with the new one , if you are using firebase in app.

  1. You must add this app again into the newly created project , download the json file and upload into the assets… enable google sign in from authentication… now everything will work fine.

I would like to ask you different problem. I created label and every second write on label . May be 1 million trying write on . Although ı use extension receive problem.