Firebase Auth Rules

I think I’ve made a huge mistake in my app.
I designed my Firebase Database using the Project Buckets as global variables.
I’ve been working on it as test environment and now I’m trying to set the auth rules and every tutorial available on internet handle the project buckets as a unchangeable value…
I’m pretty much desperate with this situation because my project has now more than 4600 blocks and has been designed to work with Firebase within it’s root.
Change the methods or the migrate from Firebase to another DB means start my app from scratch… almost a year of hard work being dumped to trash.
Has somebody implemented Firebase Project Buckets with global variables and managed to secure the database?

Did you try obscuring the variable?

I thought about that, but if anyone has access to my source code can destroy my whole database and I aim to build a business through this app and at some point I’ll be unable to code all by myself.

Found how to auth the project buckets with variables in this video:


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