Firebase authentic

I am logging in using phone number. I stopped here in the image. He’s checking the connection with the server since 1am without

going to another step. Someone explains. I put things right.

Click here - (skip)

And Proceed.

Its always done like that.

You just need to put “google-services.json” file to your project Assets and you can then Test you app with firebase services.

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I have another problem now. I don’t know how to solve this. screen 1 name of the package you already created.but login process with number is not screen 2. NO screen 2 has nowhere to create package name to proceed and get the google json service document. I think it worked? or there is another way.

I think you are using English Translator to write your comment, but that is making your comment very gibberish.
Hence its difficult to understand.

Explain little bit clearly by writing short key points of your problem.

I will try my best to Help you.

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é o seguinte. estou fazendo login com numero de telephone.sabe na hora de preencher as coisas no firebase tem que copiar um nome chamado de package name. essa possibilidade existe somente na primeira tela (screen 1) do applicativo.MAS eu estou realizando o login na segunda tela (screen 2). queria saber se vai funcionar

After translating your text-
The following is I’m logging in with telephone number. You know when filling out things in Firebase you have to copy a name called package name. this possibility exists only on the first screen (screen 1) of the application. BUT I’m logging in on the second screen (screen 2). I was wondering if it will work.

My Answer-
Yes it will Definately work.
Any change or information on Screen1 is applied to the whole Project/App.

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