Firebase authentication one time login

I want the user to login only once
I want it to automatically post to the homepage later
I did the blocks as below but it gives an error
can you help me?
thanks in advance
(I’m using translation please forgive mistakes)

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In the image above check the value in marked tag for :point_down:

  1. If it is list?

  2. Ensure that the list is not empty.

  3. And in value if Tag Not There socket, insert create empty list block :point_down: instead of empty string block(current one)

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means user information
I did this to get the data from screen 2
so not a list
but I will try

I found the solution
I used tinydb instead of get start value
thank you for the friend trying to help
and sorry for my english

You can also try a simple way for make a one time login system.

Use this block on Screen1
If user not logged in then it open login screen and if user logged in then Home screen open
blocks (2)

if you want to get user data on home screen then use these blocks for it

thanks i found the solution

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