Firebase authentication problem

The firebase authentication “registration successful” block is not working after the kodlar fenix 1.5.4 update.

Is the information wrong?

Description is wrong but blocks should work. What is the problem you are facing ?

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“When registration is successful” does not work. It doesn’t matter whether successful or unsuccessful. Both blocks run the probability of failure.

Make sure you have not signup recently check in firebase auth-users, section

Project just opened, firebase account and auth just opened. On my first try, I noticed that there was no reaction in the blocks. When I checked I thought the block might be corrupt because it is not working. I deliberately tried to fail and this time it worked. So at the moment there is no block named “successful”. There are two “failed” blocks.

Help description has nothing to do with blocks functionality.

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I know but it’s not working. Can you test it please?

How do you sign user ? With email/password? Phone? … or Google Sign In ?

The registration block is working. It succeeds, it saves. But “on success” I can’t process because the block doesn’t work.

I meant if you use Google Sign in then you have to use when Firebase_Auth login success block in order to work

I’m writing to you with google translate so I’m sorry if you don’t understand me. But the registration is successful. The “registration successful” block does not work when successful. What should I do?

Hello, I’m so sorry. The problem was from me. Since I threw two components, they interacted with different blocks. The only problem is the inaccuracy in the block information. The block is solid, it works. Thanks for be interested.

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