Firebase Authentication Registration Successful But Not Doing

Hi, in Firebase authentication the registration is successful, but the codes in the ‘Registration Successful’ task do not work (There is a user in the User list). It also doesn’t get ‘get id token’ and event ‘Get ID Token’ doesn’t work.

Please provide screen shot of your blocks to get some idea about your issue.

All of them

If possible. Else show only the firebase part. Don’t forget to hide your API keys as they are senitive.





Why are you clearing all tags when login success? It should be the same blocks as signin success. Give it a try!

Because when you log in to another account, to get the information of that account.

No you don’t need to clear any tags as you are using tinydb to store value. The datas are stored locally that no other users can access any other’s data.

So what do you suggest to do?

You keep the login block same as signup block. And let me know the results.

The result is still the same. It registers and the block does not work.

Let me see what I can do in this case.

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I also made such a change in the code. @ceo.zandora