Firebase authentication

can someone be so kind to explain step by step what is needed to authenticate a user in firebase from a Kodular app (user creation, app registration, rules, …).
I was able to do it with an app I developed using , but now, few months later, it does not work anymore.
I am trying with a simple app, only to authenticate a user in firebase, and I am not able to do it. I always get a Login Failed event.
Perhaps I forgot some step on the firebase console or on Kodular.


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Thanks a lot for your answer.
Actually I did all the steps that you mentioned, and in fact my app worked fine few months ago.
In the last days I received few emails from Firebase, saying the following:
You chose to start developing in Test Mode, which leaves your Cloud Firestore database completely open to the Internet. Because your app is vulnerable to attackers, your Firestore security rules were configured to stop allowing requests after the first 30 days.

In 4 day(s) , all client requests to your Firestore database will be denied. Before that time, please write strong security rules that allow your app to function while appropriately protecting your data. Analysis is run daily; if you’ve modified your rules in the last 24 hours those changes may not be accounted for.

My rules for the app are as following:
“MozReceitas”: {
“.read”: true,
“.write”: false

For me they are fine because I need to read and write to the realtime database.
I did a simple app with two text boxes for user and password and tried to authenticate the user, but without success.

I attach few pictures of the layout with components, the blocks used and a page of rules.